Who Are We?

For over a decade, Immigrants ‘List has been the primary pro-immigration Political Action Committee in the United States working to elect pro-immigration candidates to Congress. We have helped to elect pro-immigration Senators and Representatives such as Senators Catherine Cortez Masto from Nevada and Tammy Duckworth from Illinois and House members Debbie Murcasel Powell of Florida and Lucy McBath of Georgia.

Immigrants' List Civic Action, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) organization that works to educate voters, turn out the vote among low propensity voters in minority populations, and keep immigration reform a national priority.

What Do We Do?

We specialize in working in the New American, Latinx and Asian-American communities to bring out voters in these communities because they are strong supporters of immigrants and immigrants rights. We place radio, TV, social media and print media ads in those communities in their own languages. There are 23 million new American voters. Many of them are Latinx, AAPI, Arab-American, and members of the African Immigrant and Afro-Carribean communities. Our goal is to get them to the polls; to get them to vote; and to vote for a more immigrant-supporting political community. We will accomplish this through Immigrants’ List Civic Action, Inc. which is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to education in these communities as well as our PAC. 

Why We Need Your Help?

Immigration to the United State will be over if Donald Trump is in the White House in January 2021.  

Trump has abused his power to stop the issuance of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas abroad, barred access to and withdrawn relief from vulnerable immigrant communities by ending DACA, TPS and rewriting the asylum laws. He has banned entire nations based on their religious views, terrorized immigrant communities with inhumane policies including caging children and separating them from their parents. Trump has now weaponized COVID-19 to end all immigration into the U.S.

In the last several weeks and months he has: 

  • Banned most lawful immigration to the U.S.
  • Exploited a phony CDC declaration to close the Mexican border that has literally thrown women and children into Mexico in violation of all our asylum and anti-child trafficking laws
  • Ended immigration in the U.S. by grinding it to a halt 
  • Creating a public charge wall to block people from getting residency 
  • Creating a phony fiscal crisis to shut down all immigration benefits related to family, citizenship and business. 

And yet he continues to spend billions on his “wall” and on ICE and CBP prisons and jails for people whose crime is seeking freedom.

How do we plan to  ‘Dump Trump’ in 2020?

Donald Trump will lose the popular vote in the 2020 election by a far bigger margin than the 3 million votes he lost the last time and he knows it. He is spending all his time in the “battleground” states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, and Minnesota because his only way to win the election is in the Electoral College. We know that if New American, Latinx and Asian-American voters turn out in those states he has no chance of winning the election. He won Michigan by 10,000 votes in 2016 and yet today there are 140,000 Latinx voters and 91,000 Asian American voters in that state. If we are successful in getting out those voters, through targeted digital ad campaigns and activists on the ground, Trump will face a resounding loss. 

What You Can Do?

In November, our livelihoods, the livelihoods of our clients, our identity as a nation and our ethos as a great welcoming nation will all come to an end. The time to act is now! Make a donation today! 

You can donate one consultation fee ($150) and your firm can donate too! USC and LPRs can donate to Immigrants’ List PAC, and Law Firms and non-LPRs can donate to Immigrants’ List Civic Action Inc. 

Whichever you choose, these funds will go to Dump Trump in November and to support those who want to restore fair immigration to the U.S. Your support will help us run Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean ad campaigns in the battleground states. You can also donate your time to phone banks and other Get-Out-The-Vote activities and we will help you do it

PLEASE DONATE NOW and help us save immigration. 


Become involved in your community.