Panel Outline

9:00AM -9:50AM

Getting Agency and Governmental Assistance on Case Resolution

- Congressional Constituent Services Do’s and Don’t
- Expedite and Special Processing Requests: USCIS, NVC,DOS
- Ombudsman

10:00AM – 10:50AM

Legislation and Policy on the Hill: How does it all work?

- Senate Policies and Procedure (Unanimous Consent and Filibuster)
- House of Representative Policies and Procedures
- Executive Branch Authority and Policy Avenues

11:00AM – 11:50 AM

Immigration Advocacy Through Litigation: What works and what doesn’t…

- Fed Court Jurisdiction and Scope of Review
- Discuss effects of SCOTUS Patel Decision
- Injunctive relief and declaratory action (Diversity Visa Lawsuits)
- Negotiated Settlements

12:00PM – 12:50 PM LUNCH SPEAKER

The State of Immigration Reform Legislation in Congress: Where do we go from here?

1:00PM – 1:50PM

Lifting the Veil on Agency Processing

- What’s happening at DOL and what can we expect in next 2 years in terms of processing,
agency policies, and rule promulgation
- Understanding the Visa Bulletin and policies behind early filing and final action dates
- What the heck is going on at DOS?

2:00PM – 2:50PM

Humanitarian Programs

- Asylum and MPP
- Special Programs for Ukrainian Nationals: Humanitarian Parole under Uniting for
Ukraine and TPS
- Special Programs for Afghani Nationals: TPS and Humanitarian Parole

3:00PM -3:50PM

Working with Effective Advocacy Groups

- Who’s who in immigration advocacy groups
- What are effective strategies for advocating for immigrant communities?
- How can we help?

4:00PM – 4:50PM

Foreign Investment Incentives and Hurdles

- Implications of the new EB5 Rule
- US Government Interest in Promoting Foreign Direct Investment (Select USA)
- Cultivating Entrepreneurship
- Whats the deal with E-2 visa processing barriers at DOS?