Without immigration reform, we all lose.


Immigration reform would …

Reduce the federal deficit by $2.5 trillion
Speed up economic recovery
Raise Gross Domestic Product by more than $1,500

Source: “Immigration Reform, Economic Growth, and the Fiscal Challenge,” Douglas Holtz-­‐Eakin, April 2013.


Over the next five years, “enforcement only” policies will mean …

The agriculture sector will lose $60 billion
Food prices will rise 5-6%
Vegetable production will decrease 15-31%
Livestock production will decrease 13-37%

Source: “Gauging the Farm Sector’s Sensitivity to Immigration Reform via Changes in Labor Costs and Availability,” World Agricultural Economic and Environmental Services.


Immigration reform would make us more
secure by …

Undocumented will no longer have to work in
the black market
Enhance border security with more personnel and new Border Patrol stations
Vegetable production will decrease 15-31%

Source: U.S. Senate, Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (2013).

We cannot afford the status quo.
Congress must act now.